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Realtor and Title Company Information

Quarterly Dues for 2022 are $438.62 per quarter (January, April, July and October)

Transfer fee is $400.00

Lease Registration 

A Tenant Registration Form must be filled out and submitted to the Hillcrest Improvement Association #2 when leasing out any unit in Hillcrest East. Lease Minimum is 90 Days. 

Governing Documents/Legal Documents

Governing Documents/Legal Documents

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 Document NameViewsSizeUploaded On
1041230825437 Articles of Incorporation Articles of Incorporation75757 KBArticles of Incorporation.pdf4/29/2020
2041230925437 ByLaws ByLaws158334 KBbylaws.pdf4/29/2020
3047570325437 Rules and Regulations (2020/10/02) Rules and Regulations (2020/10/02)1040230 KBrules_and_regulations_2020_10_02.pdf10/6/2020
4041231025437 Covenants Conditions and Restrictions Covenants Conditions and Restrictions 264780 KBcovenants conditions and restrictions .pdf4/29/2020
5046724925437 Fine Policy Fine Policy137118 KBfine_policy.pdf9/10/2020
6046725125437 Collection Policy Collection Policy677 KBcollection_policy.pdf9/10/2020
7047579625437 Tenant Registration Form Editable Tenant Registration Form Editable15489 KBtenant_registration_form_editable.pdf10/6/2020
8067108825437 Reserve Study Summary Reserve Study Summary207117 KB23983-0-executivesummary_(1).pdf6/7/2022
9071551025437 Complete Reserve Study Complete Reserve Study272 MB23983-0-reservestudy.pdf9/21/2022